Experience:  Harlan Design has been in business since 1985, designing a wide variety of products from toys and electronics enclosures to medical equipment and industrial tools.  We have extensive experience in a wide variety of materials and manufacturing methods such as....

    • Injection molded plastics
    • Structural foam
    • Extruded plastics and aluminum
    • Vacuum and Pressure Thermoforming
    • Composite materials
    • Rubber molds / urethane castings
    • Sheet metal
    • Die cast metals
    • Product graphics and material finishes

Advantage: Harlan Design employs the latest in 3-D PC-based computer aided design using SolidWorks, PT/Modeler and AutoCAD. This process enables the entire product to be assembled in the computer and interference checked before the first prototype is ever created.

  Prototypes and production tools can then be created directly from the 3-D data. The production data we provided will be compatible with your engineering documentation and computer aided machining programs.